Timber: Woodworm

There are two main types of woodworm that we encounter in North East England.

The Common Furniture Beetle (Anobium punctatum) generally will look like pin pricks in the timber. One of our specialists will identify whether the attack is still active or not, before specifying a treatment.

Common Furniture Beetle in a floor joist

The Wood Boring Weevil (Euophrum Confine) will only occur where there is wet rot. In this case, the problem is the decay, not the woodworm. By removing the decay, and the woodworm will also cease.

An example of Wood Boring Weevil in a timber joist

There are several other types of woodworm which can be encountered. These includes the Bark Borer which can look very like the Common Furniture Beetle, however no treatment is required, as it will only attack bark left on old timbers. If this type of woodworm is not identified correctly, you could end up paying for a treatment that you do not require. 

An example of Bark Borer (Ernobius mollis) which will only attack bark. This looks very much like Common Furniture Beetle, however it requires no treatment.

If you suspect you may have an outbreak of woodworm, contact our team of experts who can diagnose the problem and suggest an appropriate course of action.

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