Remedial Wall Ties

Cavity Walls have been a common feature of buildings in the UK for over 100 years. Two leaves of brickwork are held together using metal straps or ‘wall ties’. The cavities between the two leaves of masonry provide an effective barrier to water penetration and also act as a layer of insulation.

In some circumstances these wall ties can corrode of fail, which can cause cracking in the external leaf of masonry, structural movement or in severe cases, collapse of  masonry.

What kind of problems can wall tie failure lead to? Eventually, the external leaf of brickwork can collapse! Most at risk are gable peaks, as well as properties by the coast due to contaminants in the sea air. Our photographs below are all properties we have inspected, all a direct result of the damage caused by Storm Arwin. Very lucky that no one was hurt! 


How do we carry out a wall tie inspection and repair?

There are several methods we can use to determine the condition of cavity wall ties. Once we have done this, we will inform you whether there is replacement required.

If the wall ties need to be replaced, the process of installing new ties is very straight forward and non intrusive and can usually be done in a few days. Contact us for more information!

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