Acceptance of Quotation

Thank you for choosing to proceed with Marsden Damp Services Ltd

Please fill in as much detail as you can on the form below. Our office will then contact you to arrange a suitable date for the works to be carried out.


    We require a deposit of 30% of the total contract value before works commence. Please indicate how you intent to pay your deposit and balance (payment options detailed at bottom of this page)

    All of the above is correct and I request that Marsden Damp Services proceed with the works detailed

    Payment Options -

    Bank Transfer - to Account No. 88684801 Sort Code 09-01-28 Please
    include job reference number.

    Cash Payments - If you wish to pay cash please contact our office to arrange
    collection/drop off. Please do not post cash.

    Credit/Debit Card - Please call our office on 01914160600 who can take a payment over the telephone

    Cheque - We do not normally accept cheques. If you are unable to make payment
    in any other way, payment must be made in full in advance of the job starting.

    Please read our terms and conditions below prior to pressing send at the bottom of the page.

    Clients Own Contractor -

    Unless specified in our report, where our work is to be carried out internally, we require you to arrange for the removal of carpets and furnishings. We also require the removal of appliances from walls as designated for works. If you are unsure of what is required, please contact our office prior to commencement of works. Our company will only carry out work clearly stated in our report. Should we have to carry out any additional preparation works we will charge this work to your account at a rate of £40 per man per hour. We cannot accept any responsibility for any damage which may occur as a result of our operatives being asked to carry out such duties.

    In some instances we may have quoted for the removal and refixing of skirting boards. If this is the case, then our technicians will try their best to remove and refix skirtings how they are, however if skirtings are damaged, or additional new skirting boards are required, you will be given the option of having these works carried out, and the cost will be added to your account. As skirting board designs can regularly change, if you require an exact match to a skirting board that is no longer available, it will be your own responsibility to source these from a joinery manufacturer, otherwise we can only replace skirting boards with the nearest off the shelf match. We will always use the closest match unless you state prior to the works that you wish to source your own.

    If Marsden Damp Services have quoted for the removal and refixing of radiators, these works will be carried out by our technicians, who are not trained plumbers. Whilst they can remove and refix radiators, any complications experienced as a result such as a damaged valve, leaking pipework, or a drop in pressure, should be rectified by your own plumber. This applies to electrics - we may have to move electrical socket covers, or during the course of our work, vibration may cause wires in sockets to loosen. Any electrical complications resulting from our works should be rectified by your own plumber. In most instances there will have been a minor fault already present which has just been highlighted by the disturbance.

    When carpets have been removed and refitted, the wall depth may have changed when our plasterers have applied the new plaster. Your own carpet fitter will be responsible for refitting carpets.

    Party Wall -

    Our method of installing a damp proof course in the party wall from within your property, whilst being to their benefit, does not involve your neighbours. There is however, a legal obligation on your behalf to inform them of our starting date. Should your neighbours have any queries regarding our works, we would be more than happy to answer them if they contact our office.

    During Works -

    The client must provide adequate supplies of clean water and electricity. Failure to do so will result in the client incurring additional costs in order for us to provide the above.

    Whilst our operatives will keep your property as clean and tidy as possible, there is a lot of dust created by our works which is unfortunately unavoidable.

    We will provide dust covers where we can but cannot cover every item in your property, you should remove any valuable from the work area and cover any areas where we are not working, where dust may still spread.

    If a property is empty for a period after our works, whilst we will have cleaned up after the job, dust will settle for a number of days and it can look very dusty when you next enter the property.

    On Completion -

    Internal plaster or external render should not be allowed to form a bridge over the damp proof course.

    No permanent decoration i.e. wallpaper should be applied to areas treated. Water based emulsion only should be used for the first twelve months. Gloss paint is not to be applied. No allowance has been made to replace any wall tiles or plastic trim removed or damaged by our works.

    It was not possible at the time of our inspection to open up and inspect the cavities on the external elevations. However, we recommend that they are opened up and any debris or rubble accumulated at the bottom be removed. These works may be carried out by your own contractor or we would be pleased to provide a quotation upon request.

    When specialist plastering has been carried out, and a finish coat has been applied, the finish coat is very thin and can appear to dry out within a short period of time, however the render behind takes up to 12 months to dry out completely. As the dry finish plaster is in contact with the wet render, it can be rewetted, giving the impression that the damp has returned. This is a normal part of the drying out process. Please allow a suitable drying out period, at least 9-12 months, before contacting our office if you have concerns. Cracking in the finish plaster is very common upon drying out. Again this is due to the varying plaster depths and drying out times. The plaster can crack any any point during the drying out period - it should be filled using a fine filler and sanded prior to applying paint.

    It is not uncommon for salts to appear on the surface during drying out. This is a normal part of the process and you should not be concerned.

    Payment -

    Whilst we may have offered a date for the works, this is provisional until this form is signed and the deposit is paid. Until then we reserve the right to offer the booking to another customer.

    Payment is due on completion of works.

    Should you have any queries or problems with the works carried out, you must put these in writing within 5 working days of completion, either in a letter or by email, detailing the issues you have. We will work quickly to resolve these issues for you.

    Guarantees -

    If your report states that you will receive a guarantee, these will be made available 5 days after receipt of payment.

    Please tick to confirm you have read and accept our terms and conditions