We pride ourselves on the high level of training provided to our staff. Michael, one of our newest employees, has just been awarded his PCAQT award.

Michael has been with us since 2017, and is enrolled on the PCA Specialist Technician Apprenticeship scheme. This means he has spent two years combining on site learning, with visits to the PCA training centre in Huntingdon, Cambridge. This type of training elevates technicians like Michael to the top of his field, and makes him a true specialist in what he does.

During the apprenticeship, the training provider felt Michael had enough knowledge to site the PCAQT (PCA Qualified Technician) Exam. He did so with very little notice (a matter of hours) and passed with flying colours. He now gets to use the professional initials after his name.

By summer 2019, Michael Brown PCAQT will also be one of the first people in the country to complete both the PCAQT Exam and the full Specialist Technician Apprenticeship! Well done Michael!