Marsden Damp Services visit Dorken Factory in Cologne to learn more about the products we use

In December, Neil Marsden was invited to Cologne, Germany, by Delta Membrane Systems, to take a tour of the factory where the products we use on a daily basis are made.

The tour was fascinating. We watched the process from start to finish, and we also spent some time with the technical reps learning in depth, about how these products are made.

One of the most important things that was explained to us, was the difference between virgin and recycled plastics. We knew that we only ever used virgin plastics, but never really knew why. We found out that many membranes on the market are made up of recycled materials, such as plastic shopping bags and pop bottles. By EN 13252 Standard testing

, these can only be given a service lift of 5 YEARS, due to the variability of the recycled materials.

We ensure all products that we use, which come from Delta Membrane Systems, are made of virgin materials. By EN13252 Standards, their tested service life is over 100 years!

It’s this thirst for knowledge and understanding of our products that set’s us apart from our competitors.