54 Dean Street, Newcastle

Damp Proofing

After 10 years of standing empty, we were called upon to design a waterproofing system for 54 Dean Street in Newcastle City Centre.

The former Gershwins restaurant is situated directly underneath the main road outside, and is prone to flooding every time it rains.

Previous attempts have been made over the last decade to waterproof the building. The main problem faced by contractors is the level of traffic above – this cause plugs in the waterproof system to vibrate and come loose.

We had to design one of the most complex and challenging systems that we’ve ever seen, including a design where the whole ceiling was propped up by timber frames, without any plugs or screws going through the membrane at all.

Our technicians, Martin, Nick and LLoyd truly excelled themselves, turning out work of the absolute highest quality.

The building is currently on the market and we expect it to be a major city centre venue very soon.